Covid-19 Safety Protocol

I am excited to announce that Studio 23 will be open as of ‪June 1st‬! My reopening plan is well underway and I want to update you with some helpful information to get you ready for your next appointment. As you can imagine, things are going to be a little different. Despite all of the changes in our world right now, I am doing my best to maintain the calm and relaxing atmosphere in the salon.

Oregon Health Authority guidelines:

-The front doors will be locked. Please call or text when you have arrived. ‪503-734-7392‬ I want to make sure the room is full sanitized before I bring you back. Please do not come in the building if another stylist offers to let you in. We cannot have people waiting in the halls.

-Masks must be worn during the whole appointment. Please make sure they have loops behind the ears.

-Beverages, candy and magazines will not be provided. So please bring your own if you wish.

-Hands must be washed or sanitized once you enter the building. I have both options in the room or you can visit the bathroom beforehand.

-A health questionnaire must be filled out when you enter the salon. This information will be saved for 60 days in case the Public Health Department needs to view it. After 60 days it will be shredded.

-Please respect the 6 foot rule in the halls and in the room. We are only allowed to break that rule when we are providing a service. I will be unable to visit while your color is processing.

-No friends or family will be allowed to visit you while you are receiving your service. If a minor is receiving a service one guardian can join them.

-For clients receiving color-if you have extra regrowth and need additional ounces of color, a small fee will be added to cover the cost. This is my normal protocol when there is more product being used. Some clients have gone 2-3 appointments without having their hair colored. So I will have to use a lot more product. If this doesn’t apply to you or if you have the typical regrowth amount please disregard this. If you have any questions about this, please reach out.

I think it is important for you to know what I am doing to keep you safe. I will be wearing a new mask and apron during your entire appointment. I will be doing my normal disinfecting protocols on all the tools used plus wiping down handles, all countertops, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out. At any time during your appointment you wish to use any disinfectants or hand sanitizer please do so. If you wish to come in with wet, clean hair so you avoid masked face to face contact at the shampoo bowl that is totally fine by me! In addition if you want to skip a blow-dry to limit your time in the salon that works too. I want you to feel safe. So please let me know how I can make your salon experience better for you.

If you do not have an appointment booked and would like one you can book online or contact me. I do recommend booking out 1-2 additional appointments because it is filling up fast.

If you wish to read the Oregon Health Authority guidelines Please visit: